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The American Patriot

What is an American patriot? Throughout the centuries of America’s history, people have achieved greatness on behalf of this nation through their vision, dedication, dreams, self-sacrifice, and love. These qualities have established America in greatness, and will preserve it for … Continue reading

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Success at Last

“Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.”  ~Sir Winston Churchill Throughout all the years of my childhood I dreamed of becoming an author. At eight I wrote textbooks for my dolls. By eleven … Continue reading

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“I Love You in Words Only”

Often, today’s society prefers to ignore many controversial truths, instead of openly addressing them. Sadly, some modern churches follow this trend on important issues. Whether these churches promote a salvation based on a flicker of emotion or factual knowledge without … Continue reading

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What Do the Scriptures Say?

When faced with difficult questions regarding their faith, some Christians, who do not have a solid foundation in God’s Word, cannot answer definitively, and they begin to inquire into the truth of their beliefs. Satan loves to tempt people away … Continue reading

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