A Promise Kept –A Promise Broken

This is a fun one to try. Make a pangram story where each sentence begins with a consecutive letter of the alphabet. Don’t kid yourself, this is pretty easy until you get to ‘X’ and ‘Z’!

Senior Pics 273Anyone can know the importance of a promise. But not everyone can keep a promise. Certainly, in one kingdom many miles and miles away, there was a young prince who did not understand the wise saying, “Let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No.’” Determined as he was to find a happiness, he did not realize his promise broken could have broken a heart. Expectations are attached to promises; this, he did not know.

For, you see, he told the king, “I’m off –to do what I can do and see what I can see.” Gladly he also promised, “I will wait; I will wait for you.”

Happily the king waited, so truly believing in a promise kept.

Intent on his journey, the prince set off and did what he could do and saw what he could see. Just think, he thought, I’m on my way, and who knows what could be over that horizon, but I will make a name for myself. Keeping in rhythm with his goal, he became a very prosperous young man, very content, very forgetful. Lost to him was the promise he had made and broken.

Many days go by, and hope begins to fade. Never before had the king believed in a promise broken, but he slowly began to realize its emptiness. Often this king did think of what happened, and understood a promise broken is a promise better not given and a promise kept is well worthy of respect. Patient days of waiting revealed the end of a promise given. Queenly riches are far less pure than grace bestowed and forgiveness shown. Rather than admitting to his neglect and wrong, the young prince moved on –perhaps not caring for this forgiveness shown, perhaps too aware of grace’s full meaning.

So goes the story of a promise broken. Truly not all that comes out of bad actions are bad consequences: blessings and curses alike come out of all. Unfortunate, yes it was, yet, not without the redemption of a lesson learned. Varied though the response of each may be, both the prince and the king did learn not to make a promise broken and not to believe in a promise made.

What of a promise kept? X-ray vision cannot even foresee if a promise made is a promise kept until the promise is fulfilled. Yet, it cannot be that one never makes a promise. Zeal in its fulfilling is all that is required. A promise kept is a promise worthy of making. But a promise broken causes much pain.

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