ThE WEdding Without an “E”

Here’s a hard one! Pick a letter, any letter, and write a description about something without using that letter. In this description of a wedding I did not use the letter “e”.  Now that’s a hard letter to take out. ; )

Coral gowns and gray suits form pairs of two walking past rows of chairs. Maids holding budding zinnias, snapdragons, and salvias clutch an arm of a groomsman and sashay along. Standing tall, facing his visitors, a groom waits for his girl, anxiously shifting, but still with lips curving upwards. Music plays, slicing through a murmuring crowd. Visitors stand, turn, and gasp, as a woman, aglow with joy, alights into sight. A gown of a virtuous color, floats across lush grass as this woman, walks past rows of family. Daddy conducts his darling toward a man who soon will marry his baby girl as a lasting companion. All in anticipation wait for that “I do” and that kiss. Gold rings, as a symbol, bind two individuals in unity. Finally, turning, a young pair stands in union.

Soon all start smiling, laughing, talking, and congratulating as a groom and his girl thank visitors. Food, piping hot and tasty, is put in front of all. But nobody can swallow a scrumptious mouthful, not wanting to miss any instant of this day. Young kids, squirming, start dancing, and soon, many pairs follow.

Night draws on. Slowly, a crowd turns into a small company. Soon, family forms a path, tossing buds as a young man and woman, a man who had said, “I do” to a woman at his right, pass through. Standing in my coral gown, smiling, my vision blurs with drops of joy running down through my blush. I toss my hand to and fro, biting my lip as drops splash down. But happy thoughts stay in my mind, joyously glowing at any thought of that day.

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One Response to ThE WEdding Without an “E”

  1. Beth says:

    WOW this is really good! Eliminating the “E” vowel doesn’t make the story choppy or forced. In fact, I didn’t even realize that it was never used during the whole story, until I read your preface.

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