Cinderella’s Dream Come True

Through all the joy and delight of anticipation and planning, the day finally arrived. Sunshine spread its warmth, rather, its heat on the humid ground below. But a breeze, gentle enough to catch the bride’s veil, blew away the oppressiveness of the temperature. Only the groomsmen, decked in full suits, vests, and ties felt the brunt of the weather. Bridesmaids, adorned in swishing dresses of various coral hues felt only the breeze.

Music stirred the air, triumphantly announcing a bride more beautiful than Cinderella as she emerged haloed in white. The man beside her braved his heart’s emotion as he handed his little girl to my brother to have and to hold ‘till death do they part. Joyous as my heart felt, tears seeped from the corners of my eyes. But soon my tears were replaced with laughs and smiles, as the bride and groom turned to their guests, happily standing as one.

Festivities rang throughout the hall. People talking, laughing, smiling, remembering, sighing, dreaming, sat about white covered tables. Knives clanged against glasses as time and again the bride and groom were summoned to kiss. Cake was cut; a bouquet was tossed, and a garter thrown. People danced. Time flew; in my happiness it disappeared as I whirled around the dance floor.

Yet, as it begins, so must it end. And so, with farewells, and tossed rose petals following the couple to their decorated car, they embarked on a new journey. I doubt even Cinderella in her attic could have dreamed of a more perfect day when she would marry her Prince Charming and live happily ever after . . .



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