Brer Rabbit’s Funeral

After Brer Rabbit done ‘scape from de tar baby in de briar patch, Brer Fox was even hungrier dan ever to eat him. So Brer Fox, he aint gonna res’ ‘till he done eat Brer Rabbit. He plan night an’ day fer a way to scare Brer Rabbit outta de briar patch an’ eat him. But, he c’aint think of nothin’, so’s he jus’ went a lookin’ fer somethin’ else to eat. An’ Brer Rabbit, he so scared he c’aint hardly leave his briar patch for fear o’ getting’ eaten, so he plan night an’ day fer a way to get Brer Fox to forget ‘bout de tar baby. Only he can think of somethin’, so he jus’ wait fer de right time.

An’ de right time done come along one day when de whole Brer-Land was a talkin’ ‘bout Brer Fox a getting’ into Farmer John’s hen house an’ a carryin’ away some of de farmer’s prize hens. When he heard dis, Brer Rabbit lef’ his briar patch for de pond, an’ set hisself a trap. After he set his trap, he wait fer when Brer Fox would be a commin’ to de pond fer a drink.

Sure ‘nough, Brer Fox came down to de pond lookin’ fer a drink. Only he saw Brer Rabbit a waitin’, an’ he crept up on Brer Rabbit so’s to s’prise him.

But Brer Rabbit, he knew dat Brer Fox was dere, so he call out, “Howdy, Brer Fox, yo’d better watch yore step.”

An’ Brer Fox, he answer’, “Yo’d better watch yore step, Brer Rabbit, ‘cause I’se gonna eat yo.”

“No sir, Brer Fox,” Sez Brer Rabbit, “’Cause ol’ Farmer John, he’s awful mad ‘bout his prize hens, so he come down ‘ere an’ set a trap fer yo.”

But Brer Fox, he don’t believe Brer Rabbit’s a tellin’ de truth, so he creeps ‘long toward Brer Rabbit, closer an’ closer to de trap Brer Rabbit set. He was determined to eat Brer Rabbit.

“I’se a tellin’ yo, Brer Fox, watch yore step!” Sez Brer Rabbit.

But Brer Fox, he don’t believe Brer Rabbit.

“Yo’d better stop Brer Fox,” Sez Brer Rabbit.

But Brer Fox, he don’t believe Brer Rabbit.

Finally, Brer Fox was jus’ gonna step on de trap, when Brer Rabbit came a boundin’ toward Brer Fox a hollerin’ as he comed, “Don’ step dere Brer Fox, don’ step dere!”

Jus’ in time, Brer Rabbit step on de trap before Brer Fox could. De trap sprung, an’ Brer Rabbit was caught tight. When Brer Fox saw dat Brer Rabbit had been tellin’ de truth, he got awful sad an’ tried to get Brer Rabbit outa de trap. But he could na’ do it.

“Hang on in dere, Brer Rabbit,” sez Brer Fox, “I’se gonna git yo outta dere. Jus’ wait ‘till I go an’ get’s Brer Bear.” So off went Brer Fox, lookin’ fer Brer Bear.

In de meantime Brer Rabbit knowed right hows to get hisself outta de trap. In a flash, he high-tailed it outta de pond an’ hid hisself so’s he could watch Brer Fox return wid Brer Bear.

When Brer Fox an’ Brer Bear came a runnin’ down to de pond an’ saw de trap was empty, dey got awful sad.

“I think dat Farmer John done come and git his trap already,” Sez Brer Bear.

“I know he done dat, but I c’aint believe dat Brer Rabbit woulda sacrifice hisself fer me, I’se a plannin’ on eatin’ him, Brer Bear, I’se a plannin’ on eatin’ him.” An’ Brer Fox let a big ol’ tear drop outta his eye.

“It’s too bad we cannot e’en have a fun’ral fer Brer Rabbit.” Sez Brer Bear, tryin’ to comfort Brer Fox.

“Maybe we can,” Sez Brer Fox. “Go spread de word, an’ we’ll have us a fun’ral right now fer Brer Rabbit.

Off de two of dem went, leavin’ Brer Rabbit a rollin’ on his side laughin’ at his work.

De funeral was done right an’ purdy. All de Brer Critters were in attendance, a weepin’ an’ a hollerin’ out their sadness, as they mounded up a hill o’ dirt an’ put a cross ‘top it wid Brer Rabbit’s name scratched ‘cross de top.

Den Brer Rabbit, pretendin’ to be a gaspin’ fer breath, came runnin’ up de path. All de Brer Critters saw Brer Rabbit an’ hollered fer joy an’ axed him how he got away.

An’ Brer Fox came up to Brer Rabbit an’ he sez, “Brer Rabbit, I’se a sorry I try to eat yo. An’ I’se a sorry I didna believe yo was tellin’ de truth ‘bout de trap.”

Brer Rabbit, he sez, “Brer Fox, let’s be friends, an’ aint none of us is gonna lie to de other ever ‘gain.”

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One Response to Brer Rabbit’s Funeral

  1. Agnes Tan says:

    Awww fox is so impossibly gullible!
    And the funeral was such a creative touch xD

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