The Young Goldfinch

Early spring awakened the forest. Each bird sweetly sang their songs as they busily set to work making nests. They flew high and low searching for the perfect place to build their homes. One young goldfinch searched and searched for the perfect place for her first home. A kindly wren offered a beautiful crook high up in an old oak tree. But the young goldfinch looked down her beak disdainfully at the offer. A barn swallow offered a tall barn rafter for a house. But the young goldfinch would not live in a barn. She looked and looked until she found a beautiful spot in the forest, a flat rock, low to the ground, sitting in a pool of sunlight. Here she decided to make her nest.                                                                                                                                 

The wren came by, with twigs in her mouth, and said to the goldfinch, “you should not build your nest there; it’s too low to the ground.” Yet, the goldfinch would not listen and continued to build her nest.

When the barn swallow flew by, she said over the horsehairs in her beak, “you should not build your nest there; it’s too low to the ground.” The young goldfinch just kept building her nest.

Finally, a black-capped chickadee flitted to an overhead branch. “You should not build your nest there; it’s too low to the ground. A cat will find you and steal your eggs.”

To which the goldfinch merely replied, “Go and build your own nest.”

All the birds left the young goldfinch alone. They built their nests and laid their eggs and thought no more of the young goldfinch. But the young goldfinch was happy with her nest on the rock. She basked in the sun until her eggs hatched. Her young were always hungry, and she was very busy.

But the mother cat was also hungry, and so were her kittens. One day, while the young goldfinch was looking for food, the mother cat was teaching her young to hunt, and found the young goldfinch’s nest. When the young goldfinch returned, her nest was gone and her babies nowhere to be found.

Proverbs 12:15: “The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man listens to advice.”

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