Truth like the Light of Day

Cold, cruel nights seek to kill the innocence of life, freezing it in merciless pity. As long as night can keep the Truth away from its victims, it succeeds in capturing them in its icy claws. Yet, morning always comes; the Truth of the light awakens the souls of those in death’s clutches. It fingers its warmth through the earth, bringing life to all it touches, revealing the path of righteousness and the Truth of salvation. Christians have this living Truth, this saving knowledge. Through the power of the Holy Spirit working in them, they can spread this redeeming Truth, illuminating the remotest, darkest shadows, casting out the lie and bringing in the Truth. Like warm mornings, dissipating the inky lies of night, Christians can dispel Satan’s lies, with the Truth they have in Christ.

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One Response to Truth like the Light of Day

  1. Agnes Tan says:

    Wow–so many vivid word choices in this piece!

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