Finding Serenity

For one week, I take myself away from the humming and buzzing of the active world we live in. What would it be like? Stillness –I hear nothing, then slowly, the chirrup of a bird, the chatter of blowing leaves, the soft, whispering wind breathing on my face. I feel the sun warming me against the creeping cold of autumn. In the morning, the best I can do is wake with the light. No electrical ring in my ear persistently demands me to move, so I’ll be late for class. I have to walk. As I walk I think.

There is no sound bite of music or news programming my mind, so I create my own ideas. Nature inspires me, piquing my curiosity as I wonder over at the intricate workings of our world and the Creator who formed it. But, I must walk home from school too, and when I reach home its dark. In today’s world, my hand would reach for the light switch, but it now finds a candle and matches. With a short crack, the match jumps to life; a small flicker of light, my candle, emits a dim circle of life, warding away the darkness with an angelic halo. I am undistracted in my little cloud of candlelight. It’s quiet. It’s calm. It’s peaceful. It’s dark, and I cannot see. Little work can be done in candlelight. Such a slow-paced existence, while serene, changes my habits and even the way I view my surroundings. One week ends, allowing me to discover afresh the joys of a buzzing alarm clock and a light switch. We still have tranquility in our bustling world. Only, one must look for it now.

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