Courage like Scarlet Leaves

Bright against the pale green backdrop, the cherry-colored leaves of early autumn appear. They slowly change their clothes of green for robes fringed with scarlet and gold. Then, suddenly, they stand so boldly apart from their neighbors. Like these bright red leaves of fall, Christians boldly stand apart from their world, donning, instead of their old, sinful garments, fresh robes washed in the blood of Christ. As soon as those about them see our difference, they too begin to wonder at this newfound life. More and more they realize the joys of the way and begin to change. Though cold autumn nights persecute these leaves, they only brighten, spreading the joy of truth to the other leaves. Christians need not hide their joy of Christ. Instead they should shout the Good News from the treetops. Show the world their difference, just as the turning leaves of early autumn boldly stand apart.

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