Unmerited Grace

 Save me, O LORD, my God!

Surround me with Your mercy.

Surely I have sinned, and You have saved.

Sinful though I am, You are sure to cleanse.

Absolve me, O LORD, my God!

A pardoned sinner though I am,

Atoning blood for me was shed.

Abased though I am, You shall not forget me.

Redeem me, O LORD, my God!

Return me to Your fold in mercy.

Reflect not on my sin, but see Your Son’s atoning blood.

Revive me according to Your redeeming goodness.

Acquit me, O LORD, my God!

Abandon me not in my sin.

Although I persecute You, You show me mercy.

Atone for the iniquity of my ways.

How wonderful Your salvation for all who call on You!

Hopelessly lost, though I was, You saved me;

Healing one who persecuted You.

How can it be, this pardon is bestowed on me?

 Fathomless is Your saving power.

For pardon, I shall cry out to You,

For You will not withhold Your mercy.

Freely, You heap grace on me.

Incredible is Your redeeming love,

Imparted to me by Your atoning Son.

In You shall I stand vindicated!

I am Yours, for You have saved me.

Now, in You alone, can I stand liberated.

Nothing can separate me from Your mercy.

Now bestowed so graciously on me.

None but You can save a wretch like me;

Keep me always in Your pardoning love.

King though You are, you died to save.

Kindness bestowed unworthily on me!

Know you, O man, where else to find a love like this?

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2 Responses to Unmerited Grace

  1. Agnes Tan says:

    I really like how the first half of the poem echoes a plea and the second half reflects on God’s reply–it creates an interesting rise and fall of the entire poem. Repetition was also used powerfully throughout your entire essay! I am curious though–did you intentionally repeat “acquit” as a starter or did you choose it because (and this I can completely understand :P) “A” words aren’t easy to find? 😀

    • sarahfink says:

      Thank you! : )
      haha, actually I did not repeat “acquit” intentionally . . . right before I submitted it, I did some remodeling, and kind of overlooked that . . . thanks for bringing it up, I should fix it : )

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