The End of Folly

Oh folly –folly, folly –where will you end? How oft does folly lead the sheep astray? Too oft, too oft, they stray for One less powerful to herd them back. Though, yet, they say, “fear the LORD, fear the LORD, for He is the beginning of wisdom,” they turn to despise instruction as only the fool would do. Only the fool doth say in his heart “there is no God.” ‘Till he, on his deathbed dying, dost meet, face to face, his maker. Then he goes down with gnashing of teeth, to rise nevermore. Oh folly –folly, folly –where will you end? It mingles with hypocrisy; it obscures the truth; it tempts those diligent down into the pit. One moment the proud, cold heart nods his head in benediction of humility, and the next, doth turn with demeaning eye upon his meeker brother. In every heart this duplicity lies. For, how oft do we not say to our brethren, “You have a speck in your eye, my brother,” and, with sweet condescension do offer to remove it, when we –we –with perfect hypocrisy do practice that same sin, and do harbor a log within our own eye? Oh folly –folly, folly –where will you end? With faith in Calvary’s Cross the fool doth forsake folly, those stained red with sin can receive white righteousness.

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